Dynamic Access Points Grouping for Mobility Driven User-Centric Wireless Networks


Future access networks will implement new types of user-centric cell-less architectures and advanced transmission technologies to meet the growing traffic demands. This is especially valid for ultra-dense scenarios where the number and placement of access points and users is very high and comparable. One of the main features of such user-centric cell-less ultra-dense architectures is related to new methods for mobility management to ensure reliable connectivity and high area throughput. One is the dynamic access point grouping which considered as one of the core functions of such networks. In this paper heuristic access point grouping approach with low computational complexity is proposed based on two generalized properties which related to the wireless channel, user requirements and available resources in the access points. This allows the grouping process to be represented as a dynamic service system and its performance to be a function of user allocation, user mobility, user behavior, the character and structure of user service requests.


  • Vladimir Poulkov


Proceedings of Global Wireless Summit (GWS), Chiang Rai, Thailand, November 2018.




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