3D Interference Mapping for Indoor IoT Scenarios

3D Interference Mapping for Indoor IoT Scenarios


Integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices within ultra-dense networks (UDN) requires precise assessment of the interference and spectrum occupancy to achieve high utilization of the limited resources especially in the unlicensed bands. Dense indoor deployment scenarios can be very diverse due to different placement requirements of the IoT devices related to their specific functionality, thus causing complex interference environments. For such scenarios it is very important to perform 3D spectrum measurements for the correct estimation of the spectrum utilization and interference caused by IoT devices. This paper presents an experimental study of the indoor spectrum occupancy and interference for two popular wireless standards for IoT in the unlicensed bands – LoRa and WiFi through the development of 3D interference heat maps. They illustrate the non-uniform distribution of the interference in the indoor environment and can be used for proper planning of the placements of different IoT devices.


  • Antoni Ivanov
  • Viktor Stoynov
  • Kliment Angelov
  • Radostin Stefanov
  • Dimitar Atamyan
  • Krasimir Tonchev
  • Vladimir Poulkov


43rd International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP), pp. 265-269. IEEE, 2020.




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