Complex criteria for assessing the quality of biosensor systems

Complex criteria for assessing the quality of biosensor systems


Biosensor systems (BSS) have been examined like object of diagnostic with all their parameters and their characteristics being analyzed. For example the known generalized parameter Thile’s module, depends on constructive parameters of the biosensors and reflects their technical characteristics. The factor of accuracy is another generalized indicator reflecting mainly metrological characteristics. But there is a necessity to introduce another theoretical mathematical formulation for an indicator which will generalize both metrological and technical characteristics of biosensor systems. Such criterion is a generalized indicator for assessment of the quality of the biosensor, which is at the top level of the hierarchy diagram. It gives an opportunity to compare the different constructions of biosensor systems and can be used as a numerical criterion for assessment of their quality.


  • Pavlina Kacarova
  • Vania I. Rangelova
  • Agata Manolova


9th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications (IDAACS), 2017.