Abridgment of bluetooth low energy (BLE) standard and its numerous susceptibilities for Internet of Things and its applications


Internet of Things (IoT) is the next wave of technology in the society where we are visualizing automation in almost everything except the human brain. In this environment, various nodes will collect the data and each node may use a wireless communication technology like Bluetooth, Wireless Fidelity, and Zigbee for transmitting and receiving the information. Starting from wearable technologies – for example, Fit bits and Google Glass – to automobiles, companies are integrating Bluetooth capability into modern gadgets at a more noteworthy rate. Bluetooth’s emerging omnipresence presents unique associations for the future. Bluetooth Low Energy can be used for the IoT because it is a suitable technology for transmitting and receiving the data using low energy wirelessly. However, there are some attacks described which also are of concern so as to possess added number of satisfied customers. Few attacks like Man in the middle (MITM), channel jamming, denial of service (DoS) and battery exhaustion along with some possible countermeasures described by various researchers are delineated in this overview.


  • Varsha Khatod
  • Agata Manolova
  • Maria Nenova


IEEE International Conference on Microwaves, Communications, Antennas and Electronic Systems (COMCAS), 2017.




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