Twinning for Enhancing Capacity and Research Excellence in Holographic Telepresence Systems as a Catalyst of Digitalisation – “HOLOTWIN”

Twinning for Enhancing Capacity and Research Excellence in Holographic Telepresence Systems as a Catalyst of Digitalisation – “HOLOTWIN”

Twinning for Enhancing Capacity and Research Excellence in Holographic Telepresence Systems as a Catalyst of Digitalisation – “HOLOTWIN”

Main Goal

HOLOTWIN aims to strengthen and stimulate the research excellence and innovation capacity of the Technical University of Sofia (TUS) in technologies for holographic telepresence systems (HTPS).

The twinning will activate a process of knowledge transfer towards TUS (Bulgaria), which leverages on the academic and research excellence at AU (Denmark), UNiS (UK) and Hellenic American University (Greece) in the chosen area of research with the possibilities to extend beyond the consortium organizations.

The knowledge transfer will be enabled by mentoring, access to research results, networks and experimental infrastructure available at the three supporting organizations with the objective to maximize joint and individual scientific success and to jointly identify, develop, and assess good and transitional practices.

Planned activities

  • Joint Workshops;
  • High-impact journal publications;
  • Expert visits to Bulgaria;
  • Entrepreneurial workshops;
  • Conference papers;
  • Participation in conferences and Special Session Chairing.

Scientific goals

  • 3D human body model acquisition and human avatar creation
    • Design a calibration procedure that allows us to obtain reliable data from the RGB-D devices, and to use multiple devices in a coherent reference frame;
    • Reconstruction and parameterization of a 3D human body model from RGB -D data;
    • Multi-view deformable 3D models of face and hands;
    • Design and simulation of realistic clothing.
  • Real-time 3D avatar animation and rendering
    • Methods for semantic annotation and prediction of human activities;
    • Integration of sematic aspects into strategies for synthesis of biometric data;
    • Methods and algorithms for real-time photorealistic animation of the avatar’s body and head movement;
    • Deep Neural network-based rendering of the 3D avatar.
  • Context-dependent semantic models for holographic communication
    • Measurement of semantic information and compression of semantic data;
    • Use case scenario – Bee cube holographic telepresence.

TeliLab members related to this project

Vladimir Poulkov

Vladimir Poulkov

Head of the Lab
Yana Tsankova

Yana Tsankova

Technical Assistant
Nikolay Neshov

Nikolay Neshov

Affiliate Researcher
Krasimir Tonchev

Krasimir Tonchev

Senior Researcher
Ivaylo Bozhilov

Ivaylo Bozhilov

PhD Student

Publications related to this project

Challenges in Implementing Low-Latency Holographic-Type Communication Systems

Radostina Petkova, Vladimir Poulkov, Agata Manolova, Krasimir Tonchev
Sensors 2022, 22(24), 9617

3D scene extraction using plane detection algorithm

Radostina Petkova, Krasimir Tonchev, Agata Manolova, Vladimir Poulkov
2022 IEEE International Black Sea Conference on Communications and Networking, BlackSeaCom 2022

3D face reconstruction and verification using multi-view RGB-D data

Radostina Petkova, Agata Manolova, Krasimir Tonchev, Vladimir Poulkov
2022 Global Conference on Wireless and Optical Technologies, GCWOT 2022

Future Wireless Communication Technology towards 6G IoT: An Application-Based Analysis of IoT in Real-Time Location Monitoring of Employees Inside Underground Mines by Using BLE

Sushant Kumar Pattnaik, Soumya Ranjan Samal, Shuvabrata Bandopadhaya, Kaliprasanna Swain, Subhashree Choudhury, Jitendra Kumar Das, Albena Mihovska, Vladimir Poulkov
Sensors 2022, 22(9), 3438

Digital Technologies for Knowledge Transfer and Green Business Transformation – Use Case Scenario

Didoe Prevedourou, Yana Tsankova, Albena Mihovska, Agata Manolova, Vladimir Poulkov
7th International Conference on Digital Arts, Media and Technology, DAMT 2022 and 5th ECTI Northern Section Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering, NCON 2022
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